Products & Services

Kroll Carpets covers all aspects of the carpet industry – binding, cleaning, installation, custom rugs, and supplying carpet.  We can design rugs to reflect your company’s logo or theme – including etching into existing carpet. Past projects include:

Commercial Rugs
A rug designed to match the cover of a Papa Romano’s pizza box, which is hanging in their World Headquarters
Residential Rugs
Custom rugs matched to wallpaper/interior decorating
Artistic Rugs
Rugs featuring custom designs from photographs and drawings

View more examples in the gallery.

For custom rugs, a photograph or drawing can be mailed in for a quote.  Each rug is hand-made and carefully pieced together to each customer’s request.

The Kroll Carpets Promise

Kroll Carpets strives for perfection and complete customer satisfaction.
We look forward to meeting and exceeding all of your carpet needs.